Baking a paper RasPi case

Take care with sharp knives
Always wear oven gloves
…or something

Can’t afford a beautiful laser-cut acrylic RasPi acrylic case? Here is a handy paper RasPi case for you to cut out and keep.

There is a link at the foot of this page where you can get PDFs of the files to print out and use yourself. They are FREE but please, if you do make a case, do send me a picture and I will feature it here.

If you think something is wrong with the design I am sure you will let me know that too.

If you think that overall the idea is just plain nasty then please be polite enough not to say so.

If you like the idea then my ego needs a boost right now, feel free to lavish praise in abundance.

The concept

The idea was to produce a pastry base into which sits the raspberry topping, enclosing the Raspberry Pi. So without further ado, here are some pictures. Everything seemed to fit reasonably OK for me. The raised pieces in the pastry base are to support the underside of the circuit board of the RasPi. these are formed from two tabs that meet in the middle. You will find the bottom ridges are not the same either side, so if you are going to make one of these you will see which is the best way round to clear the components underneath.



What you will need. A sharp craft knife, a straight edge of some kind, a rule and some suitable glue, I used UHU.

I don’t recommend a PVA glue or any other water-based glue, it will make your paper wrinkle. Pritt stick might be OK but I didn’t try it and it might not be strong enough.


The templates

The pastry base. This doesn’t have to be red, it’s just a serving suggestion I came up with for another idea of mine. In the PDF the artwork is white, for you to do your own ideas.


The Soft Machine Turns On

The topping. There is nothing much softer than a raspberry pie and the RasPi is a machine and it does indeed turn on. Geddit?

I like The Soft Machine’s music and the 60s artwork of:
Hapshash and the Coloured Coat’s posters.
The title Soft Machine comes originally from the work of William S. Burroughs. As did Steely Dan come to think of it, but don’t look that reference up, it’s a bit naughty.


Click the pics to get each blank PDF template. Just remember not to print it out scaled to fit paper. The document is A4 size, not US letter, but it should fit within US letter. If you have Photoshop you can rasterise the pages there and work with them. Just place the PDF in a top layer and set the layer to multiply. It will then show the black lines and show your design in a layer underneath.

I used heavyweight 280gsm photo paper to print the pages.

Just an idea. Let me know how you get on if you try it.

5 thoughts on “Baking a paper RasPi case

  1. very good template. I dont have a raspberry pi yet. But if i ever get one. I will try making my own paper case, but im kind of worried whether this will be sturdy enough.

    If you’re using a hard enough paper, you could make some vents too 😀

    • Each side is doubled, so if you use heavyweight photo paper it is quite rigid.

      No need for vents, it does not really get very warm.

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